Step on to the easiest way of raising funds for your project or business expansion with the GRC20 smart contract!

The GRC20 token is a blockchain-based asset that functions similarly to bitcoin, ether, and bitcoin cash in that it may store value and be sent and received.

GRC20 is the link between the tangible, commercial world and the decentralised world of cryptocurrency..


What is Gaura Startup Studio?

Gaura Startup Studio is a tool designed to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in publicly raising capital by issuing tokens for public or private sale utilising our GRC20 Smart Contracts.

How is Gaura Startup Studio beneficial to Entreprenuers?

The Gaura Startup Studio programme assists entrepreneurs and business owners with the following:

Technical assistance ( Smart Contract Development, Integrations ) Marketing and promotional assistance
Meeting Investors and Accelerators Funding


What types of businesses are supported by Gaura Startup Studio?

The following are examples of sponsored businesses:

  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Financial services / products
  • Infrastructure
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Gas
  • Medical

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